Take Yourself on a Field Trip

You’re not in elementary school anymore. This is a good thing. Your attention span is much longer—we hope—and you can appreciate things that may have been more difficult for you to enjoy as a youngster. So you can skip that big yellow bus and spend an afternoon or an evening, or even a night at the museum.

Getting yourself to a museum doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t have to go to New York City or Paris to do so. You may have the opportunity to see modern art, fossils, sculptures, local art, or art from any time period you could imagine.

Going to a museum is a great experience to share with your family, that special someone, or even just by yourself.

If your destination involves art, it’s important to keep an open mind about the experience. Art is a form of communication, so try to figure out what that certain piece is communicating to you. It’s okay if you stumble across a piece that confuses you. This means that there was something in that piece that spoke to you through your strong reaction to it.

During your trip you may not stumble across a “Mona Lisa,” but you are sure to come across something that will catch your eye.

Don’t have a museum? Maybe your town has a local art walk or different locations that showcase local artists’ work.

Remember, you’re doing something different. You’re a brave person for doing so. Enjoy your afternoon, evening, or night at the museum.