Be a Rock Star, or Whatever Kind of Star You Want to Be.

We all have a certain type a music that gets us going in our own ways. There’s something intriguing about watching the bands we love master their art, and it makes us envious in a way.

Try less seeing and more doing. Find an instrument you think you would enjoy and give it a try. Not sure what instrument is right for you? Name your favorite band or musician, and take note of what instruments are involved in their music. You may find a right fit within the music you listen to everyday.

You may be asking yourself how you’re going to master this instrument. Consult your local music store and get some information on lessons that they offer. If you are more of a “do it yourself” kind of person, research the internet and you’ll be able to find numerous free resources to learn how to play an instrument.

You won’t become a great musician over night, unless you were meant to be a prodigy. Learning a new instrument takes a lot of time and practice before you get good at it.

Practice makes perfect. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Mozart wasn’t a quitter.