Write Poetry Until You Can’t Stanza

Writing a poem may be asking a lot of you. It sure isn’t for everyone, but you won’t really know until you try, right? Muster up all the feelings you can and grab a pen. This may be a bumpy ride.

Writing poetry is all about you. What you see happening around you, what you’re feeling, or anything that’s going on in that head of yours. You might think that you have to write a poem about love, but that’s much more cliché than you think. Poetry can be about anything.

Keep your ears and eyes open. Listening and reading poetry is a good way to get started. You may not be familiar with haikus, sonnets, or how stanzas work, but getting familiar with someone who does can be a great start for you. Search the internet, check out books, and go to poetry readings. Seeing how some poetry is read can give you a good idea on how to form your own poems.

Find some inspiration. We don’t know what’s going on around you, but there’s a good chance you can turn something that’s going on into a poem. Try coming up with a few lines of a poem. Now you have a start, and just try to keep building off of those lines you came up with.

Imagery is important. Using the best words in the best order possible is usually what poetry is all about. When using these words, describing what’s going the best you can is key. Write poetry that creates images in the minds of your readers.

After you write your first poem, keep writing. Practice does make perfect. There more you write poetry the more you get used to this writing and thinking style. Share your work with your friends and get their feedback. It can be hard to criticize your own work, so having someone else’s comments can really help.