Move Your Little Eyes Toward the Big Dipper

There’s a majority of us who can’t tell the difference between the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and the other constellations up in the sky, let alone being able to find them—especially with big city lights in the way. So, head to the observatory and learn a thing or two about our galaxy.

When you were younger, you probably took a field trip to an observatory in an attempt to teach you about the stars. Retaining that information from way back when could be a little difficult. Load your family up in the car and take your own field trip.

Consult your local observatory for upcoming star events and then check the weather forecast. You’ll want to pick a night when the sky is clear.

If you can’t find an observatory close by, head to the country to get a great view. Do some research on the internet before you start star-gazing. That way you’ll know which direction to look and will have a better idea of what to look for.

Make sure you bring some blankets and lie down so you don’t cramp your neck.