Everyone is a Photographer so See Your World Through the Lens of a Camera

Autumn offers wonderful subjects for a photo shoot. Really, any time of year at any time of day in any weather gives you new perspectives on your surroundings.

A photo shoot is something fun and different you can do by yourself, with a loved one or your whole family. No fancy camera needed, just grab that point-and click and get going.

There are several ways you can approach a photo shoot. It’s a big world out there so determine a particular subject. Whether it is trees, alleys, barns, doors or people, this gives you focus. Create a scavenger hunt for your group; and when the shoot is over have each photographer select their best photo for each clue.

While you’re out, look at the same subject from different perspectives. Playing with the focus on your camera can give you a very artistic photo. See something far away that you want to get in your photo? Try focusing on a closer object while still bringing attention to the distant object in the picture. You can get the same style of affect by reversing the focus on the objects you just photographed. Or even try focusing on a leaf with snow or rain on it, while the background remains out of focus.

Don’t worry; your photo shoot doesn’t have to be so serious. Take your cameras to dinner and your group can just be your goofy selves. Just make sure you’re not too big of a distraction to the other people in the restaurant.

Photography is fun and can be whatever you make out of it. You can take pictures of anything, so get creative. While you’re out, remember to respect peoples’ privacy with your camera. If you want a catch a photo of someone you don’t know, just ask. We don’t want you turning into the paparazzi.