Don’t Be Shy. Get Up and Karaoke.

Let’s face it, we all sing in the shower every once in a while. Why not turn the shower into your vocal warm-ups for the stage? Having a karaoke night with your friends can make a great evening.

First you may need to find a location in your area that hosts karaoke nights on a regular basis. Try your favorite bars first and then ask around to find other establishments. You may even find them at the local community playhouse.

Now you need to assemble your posse of friends who will join you for this fun filled night. Remember that singing in front of people is not for everyone and that just because you’re there doesn’t mean you have to partake in karaoke.

If you and your friends really like to get into your karaoke, try having genre nights. Dress the part of a certain genre of music and commit to singing that style for the evening. You could definitely turn some heads.

Don’t forget to support your local establishment that’s hosting this karaoke night and enjoy a few drinks. Make sure you enjoy in moderation. You don’t want to make too big of a scene on stage.