Ten Holiday Shopping Tips

Some people live for the thrill of holiday shopping, others not so much. Either way here are some tips that will save you time and money.

Look up! Or down. Major brands will pay retailers to place their products at eye level leaving the better deals near the bottom or the top of the shelves.

Get social. Look to Facebook and Twitter to find exclusive deals. Retailers are trying to build their social media presence and will offer discounts to customers that “like” their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Hit the web. Go beyond comparing prices online by yourself. There are websites that bring deals to you. Check out sites like and to show you the best deals.

Sign up. Retailers offer discounts within their newsletters that can be added to other discounts within the store. This is different than the mailer that they send to everybody, you must sign up for their newsletter.

Use the competition. Bring in the competing store advertisements and ask for a price match. It is a good way to get most of your shopping done in one place.

Wait. Electronics prices will continue to drop as December 25 approaches. If you can wait even longer, you’ll see a bigger drop in January as the electronics industry announces new products. Retailers will have to make way for the latest technology.

Outsource. Let somebody else do the shopping for you. Use websites like and to go out and find clothes for the sizes, styles and brands that you specify.

Leave the kids at home. Seriously. You don’t want to worry about shopping and keeping an eye on the kids.

Hit the web again. If you are heading to the mall for a specific item, do some research online. Retailers may mark up the price on items and then put them on “sale” to make you think you’re getting a deal.

Credit or debit? It seems backwards to tell people to use credit cards but credit cards are protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act. This means if you file a complaint, the credit card company must investigate. It is also much easier to get funds transferred back to your account if you use a credit card. If you use a debit card or a check, you’ll have a harder time making a case as the money is already withdrawn from your account.