Get to Know Your Wine in Five Easy Steps

Wine is more than a simple drink. To really take away as much as possible from a glass of wine there are certain steps you should take. These steps are called the Five S’s:

Raise your glass in the air. Look at the color of the wine. Evaluate the lightness/darkness of the wine while looking for any kind of debris – which may be just some dead yeast cells left over from fermentation (don’t worry, this is pretty common).

Hold your glass by the stem or the base and start swirling the glass as vigorous as possible without spilling any wine. This action allows the wine to release its bouquet by exposing it to oxygen, and in turn opens up the wine’s flavors.

Immediately after swirling your glass of wine, put the glass up to your nose to take in the wine’s bouquet. Everyone has different senses, so try to decide what it is you smell in the wine. You may pick up a certain fruit or maybe a smoky aroma. Oftentimes, there are many unique bouquets in complex wines.

Yes, you actually get to drink the wine. When sipping the wine, you want to do so in a way that allows you to take in oxygen as well – maybe a little bit of a slurp. This helps to release additional nuances onto your pallet. Let the wine roll over and under your pallet for a few seconds.

This part depends on the person and the occasion. If you are in a session where you are sampling numerous wines, you may want to swallow the ones you like and spit out others that are less appealing. Otherwise, swallowing the wine is usually appropriate unless you do not like the wine, then you are free to dump it, respectfully of course.

Now you can look like a pro when tasting wine. What are you waiting for? Get out there and try some wine.