Go Beyond Earth Hour and Dine Green

Turn out the lights your enlightenment begins. At 8:30pm this Saturday, March 26 lights will go out all over the world to celebrate Earth Hour. The goal is to raise awareness against climate change. While the event is in it’s fifth year, this year’s goal is to get you to think beyond the hour and find ways to create change throughout the year. Here are some ideas to make your dining experience a little more ecofriendly.

How’d you get here?
Limit the use of your personal vehicle to get to a restaurant. Consider walking, riding a bike or taking public transportation regardless if you’re at home or traveling. If you’re on the go, skip the drive-thru, park the car and walk inside to save gasoline.

You’re going to eat that?
If you’re doing take out, grab only the condiments, napkins and utensils that you need. When dining in ask for smaller portions if you’re not that hungry. You may not get a discount, but you will reduce waste. If you get the full entrée, bring your own reusable, left over containers to save on the use of new containers. Not much for water? Refuse the pour when the wait staff greets you with pitcher in hand.

Are you on a diet?
Some foods make a smaller impact on the environment from farm to table. Many fresh fruits and vegetables are locally grown and often organic. Look for menu items that feature locally produced ingredients.