Your Friends are in a Broadway Show Through Community Theater

If you’ve ever wanted to see your neighbors on stage, there’s a good chance your mail carrier is playing the lead at your local community theater. Take a look at the community theater schedule and you’re sure to find a production for the tastes of seasoned playgoers as well as new comers.

You’ll find a mix of big plays and musicals that you’re familiar with such as “The Sound of Music” or “A Streetcar Named Desire.” But you may notice a few on the schedule that you haven’t seen. Community theaters offer an opportunity for actors and directors to explore unique works with lower production budgets that may even be written by local playwrights.

Community theater gives you the opportunity to experience live plays and musicals without having to break the bank for tickets to a Broadway show. Of course they won’t have a production budget of $25 million like the “Spider Man” Musical and professional actors. But the productions you’ll see are brought to the stage by a group of artists who typically volunteer just because they love the camaraderie and authenticity of live theater.

That authenticity stems from the fact that the actors are community people just like you. You may discover that your coworker is Danny Zucco in this season’s production of “Grease.” If you’ve ever had the desire to see your name in lights, you could even audition for an upcoming production. If you’re not quite ready for the main stage, many theaters offer acting classes to help you get the chops.

Either on stage or in the audience, community theater is a fun time and a great way to come together and celebrate community.