Get Into the Act at a Piano Bar

If you’ve had your favorite 80’s song stuck in your head all day, it may be time to release it at a local piano bar. You’re guaranteed to hear enough Hall and Oates and Duran Duran to keep you satisfied for weeks.

Piano bars offer hours of entertainment for those willing to ditch the club scene for sing-a-longs and quality piano playing. These piano bar pianists have an extensive music library stored in their brains that’ll have any karaoke king bowing down to them. Request any song that was big, from the 70’s to today, and you can bet they will know it.

It’s best when you participate, so if you know the song, start singing—and encourage others to jump in. The audience is an essential ingredient at a piano bar. If the crowd isn’t into the act, the show will fall flat.

One catch, there’s an etiquette when it comes to getting requests played at a piano bar. You have to tip, and you have to tip well. So if you have to hear Huey Lewis and the News’s, “Power of Love,” you may be waiting a while if you don’t show your enthusiasm with some cash.

So over dinner, discuss favorite songs with your friends. Then after dinner, prepare to have a blast, and don’t count out making an appearance on stage tonight.