The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Free Music

Paying big bucks to see your favorite big name musicians can make your wallet pretty thin. If you’re feeling the pinch, maybe it’s time to enjoy some free music. There are several options for free concerts in the area, especially as the summer months approach.

Keep your eyes and ears open for some public concerts around town. Shopping centers, museums and parks are great places to look. These venues provide a great opportunity to enjoy being in the great outdoors while listening to some great jazz, or other music genre.

But there are also opportunities indoors for some free music, especially as summer fades to autumn. Research the local music scene to see what bars and coffee houses host events. You can usually determine the music genre based on the venue, from loud rock to acoustic.

And since the music isn’t costing you a penny, you can make an evening out of it and grab dinner before or dessert after at your neighborhood restaurant.