Love Thy Neighbors and Throw a Block Party

If you’re looking for a good time this summer, why not save on the gas money? You don’t need to look any further than your own front yard. Get to know your neighbors and throw a block party for your neighborhood to attend. This is a great opportunity to get to know those neighbors you’ve always meant to meet, but never found the time. And if you already know your neighbors, a block party is a great way to get out of the house and socialize.

Nothing says summer like some good barbecue, but you don’t have to break your budget. If everyone grills their own food, the sides and dessert can be potluck. That means you’ll have a variety of options and everyone will contribute. Or if you don’t want to have anyone do any work, chip in to have someone cater your event.

Activities for children and adults are a great way to spark socializing. Some fun ideas include a watermelon seed-spitting contest, a three legged race or a pick up game of any sport. Prizes for the winners are good encouragement to participate in the activities. Instead of buying prizes, tell your neighbors to bring at least one baked good and the winners can choose from a selection of pies, cupcakes and cookies.

On August 2, families across the country spent time with their neighbors and community members in an attempt to fight local crime. The event was called “National Night Out.” The theory behind the event was that if you know your neighbors, you know who belongs to your community and who are strangers to the area. But you can get together with your neighbors anytime, and a block party is the perfect opportunity.

No matter the reason, a block party is a fun time to socialize with neighbors. You already have your community in common, so get out there and make new friends in your area.