Inexpensive, Exciting Fall Activities

The leaves are changing color and there’s a certain crispness in the air. Fall is right around the corner and the drops in temperatures means an increase in the amount of things you can do outside without going through three sticks of deodorant. So don’t sweat it. You’ll have plenty of time and money to fit all of these activities in this season.

Burn, Baby!
Bonfires of all shapes and sizes are a perfect way to spend a cool autumn night. The great thing about bonfires is their ability to adapt to any number of people. You could choose between an intimate gathering of a few people or test your engineering might and stack a wood tower to the heavens. The rest is up to you. And oh, don’t forget the s’mores.

Creative Strolls
As the nights cool down, many art establishments hold a viewing of their latest work. You may even be lucky enough to catch an art fair that features artists from all over your respective region. Art shows are a great, inexpensive—depending on art purchases—way to kill a few hours during the day. Don’t be afraid to ask the artists questions. Talking with one of the artists is the best way to get cultured and the most out of your art show experience.

100 Yards of Entertainment
There’s this one sport that always starts up in the fall season. Can you guess it? That’s right, it’s cricket. However, if you’re of the American persuasion, you know that it’s football time. Aside from your favorite professional or college team, there is also a lot of fun you can have by going to high school games. For one, they’re very easy on the purse strings. Seats cost generally under ten bucks to get in.