Everyone Meet Motzart for Classical Music Month

Can you hear that Motzart, Bach and Beethoven? I thought so. September is Classical Music Month, and this is something worth celebrating.

Don’t be intimidated by the musicians’ typically long, somewhat confusing names. Classical music was created for the masses, meant to be enjoyable for anyone. And you can enjoy it too. Go on; make Wolfgang, Johaan and Ludwig proud.

Realize It’s Potential
Elevator music, music played in department stores and at doctors’ offices is not a fair example of classical music. Muzak, or music meant for background white noise, is played on a loop where no one notices when it starts over—and this is often the type of “classical music” played in those situations. Classical music, real and authentic, moves, grows and builds.

Classical movements were created to evoke emotion and inspire imagination. People who are just beginning to explore classical music often have luck closing their eyes and picturing scenes accompanying each movement. If you can do this, hopefully you’ll find yourself enjoying classical music and discover the songs that you think are nothing short of breathtaking.

Jam Out at Work
Okay, maybe it’s not the type of toe tapping music you’re used to listening to, but give it a chance., a free music search engine website, has a classical station that generates a random classical playlist. Besides feeling extra sophisticated while doing your work, studies also show that it can also improve your productivity. Classical music’s typically constant beat and light melodies help your brain feel concentrated, deeply engaged and contemplative. Listening to classical music can also help relieve stress. So, play a bit of classical music before that next pressing deadline.

Find a Local Concert
Get all gussied up and go out for a night of music. Find a couple of adventurous friends, because yes, it takes someone willing to try different things to enjoy this type of music. Go in with and open mind and realize that you may not enjoy it at first. Try to sit back, relax, close your eyes and let the music take you. Music has a wonderful way of enabling out of body experiences, if you’re open to them.

Regardless of the method, give classical music a chance. It is a holiday—and that must mean that it’s something worthy of your time and effort.