Apples to Apples, What Can You Do With an Apple

Fall’s demanding presence can only mean one thing: apple season. While most grocery stores carry apples throughout the year, local orchards usually open the weekend of Labor Day. That means fresher, crispy, beautiful apples provided by your communities’ local farmers.

Here are five things to do with an apple that you may have never tried. So go on, embrace the autumnal spirit and get crafting.

1. Cut an apple in half, dip it lightly in some fabric paint, and use the apple as a stamp to adorn a tote bag or sweatshirt. Red and green are obvious fun color choices, but you can use any paint you have on hand.

2. For a fun Halloween decoration, make an apple doll. Start by peeling and coring the apple—red delicious apples work especially well due to their shape but any variety will work. Carve out a face using a potato peeler for the eyes and a paring knife to make a small slit for a mouth. Once you’ve finished with all of the facial features you wish to include, feel free to use markers or paints for further enhancement. Bodies are easily made out of plastic bottles with fabric wrapped around for the clothing. Heads usually take two weeks to dry out, but once dry, they’ll certainly add a delightfully creepy decoration to any Halloween party.

3. Carve out fun designs or shapes such as stripes, zigzags, or hearts to make candleholders. Rome Beauty apples stand up nicely on tables. Core the apple out about half way so the candle has a place to rest, and try to make the hole a straight as possible. Rub lemon juice on the carvings to prevent designs from turning brown.

4. Another way to incorporate candles and apples is to make floating apple votives. Since every apple’s buoyancy is slightly different, start by placing each apple into water and mark the top. Place a tea light over the dot, trace around it and then carve out a place for the candles. Scoop out a small circle deep enough for the candle to fit securely and squeeze a small amount of lemon juice to prevent browning. Repeat with several apples.

5. Homemade applesauce is a fun alternative to the traditional apple pie. Simple ingredients including tart apples, lemon juice, water, sugar, cinnamon, and optional raisins are all it takes to make a smooth or chunky version of a tasty childhood snack.

Simply eating an apple is also an obvious choice to embrace the autumnal season. So go on, enjoy one of these crunchy delights in any way that you choose.