Only You Can Build a Great Fire

Crisp air. Early sunsets. S’mores. Mmm. Autumn is upon us. This time of year just begs for learning a thing or two about building a fire. So, here are the steps you take to build a great fire for your fireplace or fire pit.

Find something to ignite the fire. Your best bet is to use a lighter or matches, or if you’re a true outdoorsman (or woman) you could use sticks or stones. Find some tinder, which catches the initial flame and carries it to the kindling. Tinder can be dead dry plants and grasses, lint, newspaper or fire starters.

Next, you’ll need to locate kindling to place over the tinder to catch the flame. You can use dry twigs or smaller pieces of wood. Be sure to spread your kindling out to create a large surface to volume ratio so it produces a flame that catch your main logs on fire.

Gather larger pieces of wood to place on top of the kindling. Make sure the wood you use is dry, otherwise it will take much longer to catch on fire. A couple ways to place your wood pieces include the tepee and log cabin methods. The tepee method involves forming a cone out of your log pieces with your kindling at the base of the tepee. The log cabin method is stacking alternating layers of logs around a small tepee. The gaps in the logs will allow air to circulate.

Now that your fire is prepared, give it a light and enjoy your beautiful fire. Warm up and roast those s’mores. You’re now a fire building pro and your flame is bound to last for hours. Just make sure to feed your fire every once in a while, and when you’re ready to call it a night, ensure the fire has too.