Scare Away Summer with a Scarecrow Party

If your yard is looking dull and drab this fall, spice it up by making your own decoration—a scarecrow. The possibilities are endless when constructing scarecrows, so be creative and get into the festive autumn spirit. This project requires little money and can be made with items you probably already have in your home. This project could just bring out your inner Martha Stewart.

A Reason to Celebrate
Fall holidays are just around the corner. Host a fall decorating party for your friends where you can make scarecrows together. Make up different categories, such as most creative, scariest or even the ugliest scarecrow. If you have an overall theme before your guests arrive, they can plan accordingly when bringing over materials. You can make it a contest if you’d like. Giving out a prize will be more initiative to get your competitive friends into the spirit.

What You Need
The materials you’ll need should be mostly items you already have in your home. Round up whatever clothing you wish to use to dress up your scarecrow. This could be anything from formal attire to your own scarecrow twin. Other materials you’ll need include a long and short pole for the base (sizes can vary), a pillowcase, straw and any binding materials you may have (rubber bands, rope, wire).

How to Make It
Start by making a “t” shape out of the long and short pieces of the by binding them together. The horizontal part will be the arms and the vertical part will be the body. Next you will put on whatever shirt you have chosen. Stuff the shirt loosely with straw and then follow by doing the same process with whatever pants you have chosen. Make sure you tuck the shirt into the pants so that no straw falls loose. Bind the arms and legs with rope at the ankles and wrists. Finally, stuff a pillowcase with straw to make the head.

This is a project where you can make whatever design you want. Get creative by using markers and anything else you can find lying around to complete your project. And then, voilà! You’re ready to award prizes and put your creation up in your front yard.