Halloween Ideas You Never Grow Out Of

Sure, Halloween can seem like it’s aimed at a younger crowd. But while you may be too old to trick-or-treat, you’re never too old to treat yourself to some Halloween fun. These ideas are sure to provide you with entertainment that will get you into the Halloween spirit. Still skeptical? Try these ideas and you won’t be disappointed—unless you’re too scared.

The Ouija Board
Regardless of if you believe in them or not, the Ouija board is always a Halloween thriller. You or a friend might even have an old Ouija board lying around. Dust the board off, and invite a group of friends over to get spooked.  Set the scary mood by lighting off a multitude of candles and turning off the room lights. Don’t believe in that stuff? There’s always at least someone in the group who does. So plan ahead and play up a scenario to get extra scares out of the group.

Catch a Thriller
Theatres are full of horrifying movies this time of year. Take advantage of the season and go see something you wouldn’t normally attend. Find a group of friends if you still can’t work up the courage so that you can all go together. Or, if you prefer a night in, you can always rent your favorite thrillers. Don’t forget to lock the doors and check the closets before you turn the lights down and start the movie if you’re a scaredy cat.

Out for a Stroll
Maybe you aren’t into the scary stuff, but there are plenty of things happening near you that are far from scary. Take advantage of the weather before the cold sets in and you’ll find plenty of happenings such as a trip to the pumpkin patch or a hayrack ride. The closer you get to Halloween, the more interestingly people will be dressed. Have a little fun before you head out and make a list of costumes that you and your friends must find. Then, go on a scavenger hunt and take pictures with people in costumes as you find them. You can even substitute costumes for fall items, depending on when you go. Then you can meet back up and show all of the strange or funny things you found on your hunt.