Mix Up Your Dining Experience

Everybody has their favorite meal when they’re familiar with a restaurant. Don’t get us wrong, we love our favorites just as much as the next person. But, maybe it’s time to liven up your taste buds. Next time you head to your favorite restaurant, search the menu for something you’ve always hesitated on ordering, or that sounds interesting to you. And who knows? You may just end up finding a new favorite. At a great restaurant, your meal decision can never be a bad choice.

If you’re one who isn’t known to step outside the box, start by ordering something with familiar ingredients but prepared in a different way. Always go for the chicken breast? Then try it with a unique sauce. Or, your dining companions can each order different entrées and pass the dishes around the table. That way you’re not completely committed. By taking smaller steps you’ll eventually feel comfortable about trying new things.

If you’ve always been fearless, the opportunities are endless. But if decision-making isn’t your forte, close your eyes and point on the menu. You can always change your mind if you’re hesitant, but the fearless will never back down. Another fun meal deciding factor is to go with a group of friends, and have them order for you. Just have your friends point when the waiter/waitress asks what they would like, and your meal will be a mystery until it comes out of the kitchen.

If for some reason you don’t like your new meal choice, you can always go back to your favorite next time. But trust us, stepping outside of your comfort zone can’t be a bad idea. Plus, there’s always room for dessert.