Hit the Rink, Not the Ice

Ice can be dangerous in a number of cases, including driving on icy roads and walking on the ice covered sidewalks. Yes, at this time of year ice gets a bad rap. But, let’s not forget that it can be used for recreation as well. So bundle up in those layers, lace up your skates and get ready to feel the wind in your face with a fun ice skating outing.

Safety First
Ice skating can be a blast, but it can be dangerous. Never leave anything to chance. The National Safety Council outlines a number skating safety tips. Know your skating surface by checking for cracks and holes and be sure that the ice is strong enough to withstand your weight. Before heading out, learn basic skating skills such as how to stop and fall safely. Get the right gear—make sure your skates fit comfortably and provide ankle support; and be sure to wear warm clothing. Above all else, never skate alone.

Find a Rink
No matter the weather outside, you can always find an ice skating rink. Although you can skate on a frozen lake or pond, they can also be the most dangerous. Make sure that the ice is thoroughly frozen if you’re using an outdoor body of water. But to simplify things, many places have indoor and outdoor rinks where you can even rent skates if you don’t own any. These places offer ice patrol to ensure your safety, and a fun environment for the whole family to try skating.

Everyone Falls
You’ve seen the Olympic games. Figure skaters go up for a jump, and then come crashing down with a heartbreaking fall. Keep that in mind as you strut your stuff on the ice. Everyone falls. The more you skate, the more you’ll be comfortable with your balance. It’s kind of like riding your bike. The first time your parents let go, you might have fallen straight into the bushes. But eventually you got the hang of it. Start out gliding slow, and eventually you’ll pick up speed.