A Month of Sleep, Fruitcakes and Cuddling

A Holiday for Sleeping—No, We're Serious
Looking for a perfect excuse to sleep off the holiday hangover? Well, you’re in luck. Festival of Sleep Day 2012 is January 3, making it a perfect excuse to sleep away the day. Okay, so maybe you can’t sleep the entire day. But you should treat yourself to a delightful afternoon nap.

Out With the Old, In With The New
If you’re not into napping, January 3 also happens to be Fruitcake Toss Day. Although we fully support the annual tradition of re-gifting a cake that was seemingly baked a decade ago, this day sounds like a new tradition in the making. You can make it as climactic as you wish—take a baseball bat and head out to a field, shoot a couple of hoops with it or come up with other creative ways you can think of to discard your old fruitcakes.

For the Warm & Fuzzy Seekers
January 6 is Cuddle Up Day. Chances are it’s chilly out. So grab a snuggle buddy and a blanket, cozy up next to the fire and turn on a holiday flick. Call over your under appreciated pet and give them a nice belly rub, or enjoy some hot cocoa while nestling up with a great book. No matter your cuddle buddy of choice, find one or make a new friend and share the love.

No matter which of these quirky holiday traditions you choose to be apart of, remember that all of your holiday spirit doesn’t have to disappear with the turning of our calendars to January. The gift giving may be over, and Santa may have headed home for the season, but your winter wonderland still awaits—so go on, find a way to embrace it.