Stand Up and Hear Some Comedy

They always say that laughter is the best medicine, so why not cure the boredom that ails you? If you do a little searching in your local newspaper or online, you are bound to find an open mic night that’s not too much of a drive. A lot of times these places are free, but you may be required to buy a drink or two (what a shame, right?).

While not all of these comedians may be professionals, if you bear with them you’re bound to hear some good jokes that you can relate to. Since it’s open mic night, this means that you, yes you, can get up there and tell some stories that have been on your mind lately. Even though some people fear public speaking more than death, there’s nothing like the feeling you get when you earn your audience’s laughter.

Planning on stepping up to the stage at your local comedy club or open mic night and having a little trouble coming up with material? Try carrying around a notepad and pen with you for a week or two. Whenever you think of something you find funny, just write it down. The best of the best do this (who write their own material that is) so why shouldn’t you? After you come up with a few ideas try to hash out a few more points within that joke to build some humor into it.

Before you know it you will have a few minutes worth of material to try out at your first open mic night. Soon you will conquer your fears and get rewarded with laughter (hopefully).

If you aren’t into joke telling, make sure you’re a good audience member and don’t heckle the comedians. If they’re good, you will get the blunt end of the heckle stick.