Celebrate Valentine’s Day Morning, Noon & Night

Valentine’s Day looms. Whether the holiday excites you, bums you out or really puts the pressure on—it’s coming. Prepare yourself now.

It would be a mistake to think that singlehood precludes you from Valentine’s Day festivities. Embrace this opportunity for a night on the town if you are in a relationship, or stop fighting the dateless stigma if you’re without. Just don’t hide at home with Sleepless in Seattle and an embarrassing amount of chocolates. That didn’t get you anywhere last year, and it won’t help this year, either.

Everyday we’re inundated with bad news, workplace stress and maybe even relationship worries. Consider Valentine’s Day an open invitation to take the day off from all that negativity. Come February 14, we hope you focus on friendships that fulfill you and nurture relationships you value most highly.

Read on for a few lovey-dovey ideas for celebrating your much-loved Valentines throughout the day.

There’s something to be said for dragging your sleepy self out of bed in mid-February just to squeeze in a few quiet moments with your spouse, your significant other, or a friend. Make plans to meet for breakfast or a frothy coffee before heading to work. (Yes, Valentine’s Day is a Tuesday this year.) You’ll be surprised by how much livelier conversation is when you’re freshly caffeinated and blissfully unaware of any stressors lurking at the office.

Forego your typical lunch break activities to spread some love on Valentine’s Day. Call your significant other just to say hello. If someone who loves you expects a card today—go buy it. Send flowers to single friends or family at work. Have lunch with a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with. Especially if your pal is single and could use some company, Valentine’s Day will be the perfect time to offer your company.

Just like the morning is a great way to connect with someone special before your busy day begins, going out to dinner beats haphazardly throwing something from the freezer or pantry together. Make reservations if they’re accepted—the night will be full of revelers. If you’re not in a relationship, go out with other single friends. Wear red, order wine and a chocolaty dessert.

This February 14, make an effort to embrace Valentine’s Day morning, noon and night. We’re giving you permission to be schmaltzy. Cupid wants you to.