Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day Like an (Irish) Pro, Part I

We have a thing for the British Isles. If you’ve been comparing our posts lately, you may have picked up on our little crush. Maybe it’s the endlessly green grassy hills, or that the food isn’t much competition. Whatever the reason, the going’s-on in the Isles always grabs our attention. So we’re particularly excited about the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day holiday. 
Sure, it’d be nice to travel to Ireland to celebrate Saint Paddy himself (he’s actually British, as it happens). But since few can, we’ve rounded up a few American hotspots to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day come March 17. Can’t travel this month? Not to worry. Next week we’ll share our ideas for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day close to home.   
Over 400 thousand people flock south like geese for the fantastic Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in Savannah, Georgia. Fountains gurgle green, and southerners swish Guinness. Go for the peaches and, if you are of age, stay for a pint after the parade.
Dublin (Ohio!)
This usually quiet Midwestern town sure lives up to its Irish name on Saint Patrick’s Day. Visit Dublin this march for a small-town version of Saint Paddy revelry. If you’re traveling for Saint Patrick’s Day early this year—Dublin may be your best bet. Check out the city’s mile-long parade on March 12.
Head to the Windy City for one of the biggest and greenest Saint Patrick’s Day festivals in the United States. The city has dyed the Chicago River green for the occasion since the 1960s, and it’s quite a sight. In addition to an emerald river, Chicago boasts hundreds of Irish dancers and Isle-inspired floats in its parade.
Since no American city has more Irish heritage than Boston, you can’t be surprised that it tops our list of places to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. The world’s first (recorded) parade for the holiday was the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade, which was hosted by the Irish Society of Boston in 1737. Why not get in touch with a little history and check it out?
Foodies that we are, we’d be remiss if we didn’t encourage you to savor the local fare while you’re out and about this March. Visit our site next week for our local Saint Patrick’s Day party ideas.