Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day Like an (Irish) Pro, Part II

For once it’s not the food. Last week we drooled over American celebrations of Saint Patrick’s Day—parades and festivals to which you may or may not be able to travel. But if you’re sticking close to home on March 17, don’t pity yourself. We cooked up a batch of ideas for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with your family and friends.

Some people (well, the Irish people) say that Saint Patrick’s Day is the day when everyone wants to be Irish. And they’re right. The world loves to celebrate all things Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day, and we’re no exception.

Gorge on Something Gorgeous
The Irish have a delicious saying to express their excitement about the food they’re served. That’s gorgeous! As in, “That corned beef looks gorgeous!” Since excitement about food is something we can really get behind, we recommend commemorating Saint Patrick’s Day with an Irish feast.

If your restaurant of choice doesn’t have any Paddy’s Day specials, at least dine on something green. Spinach salad may not sound as savory as Shepherd’s Pie, but at least you’re saving calories for the pint you’ll down after dinner. You will have a pint, won’t you?

Cheers, Lads!
And speaking of pints, everyone can toast Saint Patrick this Saturday with a very Irish drink. Adults may enjoy a pint of Guinness or Harp’s Lager. The Irish prefer their Guinness room temperature. They may not draw shamrocks in the foam of their brew for anyone but tourists, but we’re drawing the country’s national plant in our drink anyway.

So, Sláinte (Slawn-CHAY)! That’s an Irish toast to your health.

Green with Irishness Envy
Give us one minute while we push our smartypants glasses up the bridge of our noses. There, that’s better. Now then. As it turns out, green wasn’t the first color associated with Saint Patrick’s Day. At first, blue was Saint Patrick’s traditional color.

But the Emerald Isle’s favorite son inevitably became a green man. Green, of course, is Ireland’s color. It’s in Ireland’s tricolored flag and it sparkles on the island’s rolling, kelly-colored hills. And you’ve heard, of course, about Saint Patrick and his (green) shamrock? Thought as much.

Blue background or not, wear green on Saturday so you don’t get pinched. Ouch!