Here's Eating for You, Eiffel Tower

This coming Saturday, one of the world’s most recognizable—and romantic—structures will celebrate a milestone. On March 31, 1889, Paris inaugurated its famous Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower’s iconic status today is especially fitting as it was built for an Exhibition celebrating a momentous event in France’s history—the centenary of the French Revolution. From the beginning, the Eiffel Tower was very French.

Always a source of pride for the French and a symbol of Paris to the world, the Eiffel Tower’s upcoming birthday leaves one dreaming of Paris. And, characteristically, eating French food. Oui Oui.

So in honor of the Eiffel Tower here few French-themed foods that will make you feel like a Parisian.

French food is savory and fuss-free. With its uncomplicated approach, classic French cooking relies on simple ingredients that delight without overpowering.

Take, for example, madeleines. Many call madeleines the quintessential French cookie, but the dessert from northeastern France is also compared to a small sponge cake. Order a madeleine when you want a simple dessert that’s perfect with coffee, or try making them at home. Note that you’ll need a special pan, called a madeleine mold, which is available at specialty cooking stores.

And speaking of all things French, madeleines are famously used to illustrate involuntary memory in novelist Marcel Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time.” Enjoy your first madeleine on Saturday and we promise you’ll remember it forever.

Another favorite French treat, a macaroon, is as beautiful as it is delicious. French foodies attest that the coconut variety common in the US is a diversion from the French. Order a macaroon in Paris and you’ll likely be served an airy almond confection. Either way, they’re heavenly.

French food, of course, is known for more than its fabulous and flaky desserts. French Onion Soup embodies the simplicity of French cooking. Have it as an appetizer with bread—it’s the perfect first course to a delicious meal.

And how about a bit of French wine to complement your soup? A full-bodied Syrah if you like reds will suit you. Or, if you prefer white wine, ask your waiter for his or her favorite Pinot Gris. Enjoy your wine with Brie for a feeling that’s satisfied and oh-so-French.

Can you think of any better way to commemorate the 123 year-old Eiffel Tower than with a feast?