School’s (Almost) Out! Activity Ideas to Keep Your Students Busy this Summer

Spring break has passed and if you have students in your family you know that the countdown for summer has begun.

The idea of three whole months without school to keep your children occupied and active can be daunting. Start prepping for your children’s summer vacation now so that this summer will be your most relaxing—and your children’s most fun—vacation yet. Here are our favorite summertime activities that will help kids learn all summer.

Visit the Zoo
Seeing exotic animals in person is a surefire way to boost your children’s interest in nature and science. Visit the zoo together and talk to your kids about animal habitats and the diverse geographic regions zoo animals hail from. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your day outdoors.

Going to the pool together is a wonderful way to stay active with your children this summer. If they haven’t taken swimming lessons before, this summer may be the perfect time to enroll them. Lather up on sunscreen and encourage frequent breaks in the shade.

Take a Cooking Class
Now that school’s out, you have a little break from packing lunches or remembering to send your students to school with lunch money. But you still have to eat. Try to liven up your summertime meals by treating your children to lunch out every once in a while. Help broaden their food tastes by teaching them a new recipe or take a cooking class together.

Visit Relatives
If your parents live a road trip away, summer is the perfect time to take your children to see grandma and grandpa. Pack plenty of car-friendly activities for the long trip.

Not every summer day is bright. Avoid feeling cooped up in the house when the weather turns on you. Keep your kids entertained with a trip to the library. Check your neighborhood library for scheduled readings and other kid-friendly activities. And be sure to bring home plenty of books so that you’re prepared on the next rainy day.

Are your children interested in summer camp? Especially in households without a parent at home during the day, overnight camps may give your kids an adventure they’ll love. And day camps are a great, less expensive option if your children would rather not be away from home for so long. Camps that focus on teaching children new things, getting them outside and encouraging physical activity are your best bets. Some camps fill up fast so start planning soon.