Do You Know What to Give Your Graduates?

We may have just turned our calendars to April but soon the bomb that is May will strike. For some reason, the full impact of spring—and our ever-growing to-do list—hits us harder then ever when April ends. While we certainly love the recess from scooping snow, scraping windshields and wearing mittens, there’s one daunting May task to tackle you may not so sure about: graduation gifts.

If you’re lacking ideas in the gift department, we’ve gotcha covered. Here are a few ideas to get you rolling.

Cold Hard Cash
It may sound impersonal or seem you didn’t put a lot of thought into their gift, but every resource we’ve investigated—including graduates themselves—gives us one unifying answer: “we’ll take a check, please”. Most students’ parents require their son or daughter to deposit those checks—so no worries about your monetary gift being pocketed for daily use. If cash doesn’t feel quite right, find out popular gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants in their soon-to-be home town and get gift cards.

Household Supplies
If there’s one thing a teen doesn’t want to buy with their graduation money, it’s laundry detergent, Clorox wipes, paper towels and basically any other necessary cleaning item for their dorm. Consider putting together a cleaning kit with a few of these items. It may seem boring to give someone a bottle of Snuggles, but trust us, they’d rather you give it to them now then having to buy it for themselves later. Make it a “gift basket” by putting all of these goodies into a laundry basket. And bonus, that saves you the hassle of gift wrapping.

College freshmen often struggle the first time they get sick while in school. Mom-in-a-bag includes packets of dry soup, cough drops, tissues, Vitamin C, and maybe a couple of DVDs to watch while recovering. These little comforts make getting better without mom and dad a bit easier.

For grad gifts, practicality is key. While a piece of jewelry or new college sweatshirt are great gifts (and totally acceptable if you so choose), a lot of times graduates don’t realize how many little things they’ll need to purchase before going off to school. So if you can help cover some of these costs, you’re on the right track.