5 Tips for Your Earthiest Earth Day Yet

April 22, Earth Day, is coming up quickly. To help you celebrate, we came up with a few earthy and environmentally friendly activities to help you mark the occasion—no granola necessary.

Peddling Prowess
Pump some air in your tires, fasten your helmet and get on your bike. Taking your cycle for a spin is great exercise that will boost your energy and shrink your ecological footprint. Earth Day falls on a Sunday this year, but you can still replace car rides with bike rides. If taking your bike for a spin at dusk—say, en route to your favorite dinner hotspot—be sure to wear reflective gear and attach lights to your bike.

Seedling Savant
How fitting that Earth Day falls in spring. It’s the perfect time of year to get your green (thumb) on by planting shrubs, trees and flowers in your yard. A few tips for novice Earth Day gardeners: a cluster of the same plant or shrub will have a bigger impact than a slew of different varieties. Also, check the optimal growth conditions for every shoot you sow. Sun-loving plants like holly bushes won’t thrive in the shade, while hostas require it.

Cabinet Cleanse
Grooming products aren’t naturally natural. Aerosol cans, products tested on animals and dangerous chemicals may have snuck into your medicine cabinet without your detection. Spend a bit of your Earth Day inspecting your beauty products for ingredients or packaging materials that pose a hazard to your health or that of the earth. Replace any dangerous discoveries with goodies free of artificial dyes, plastics or petroleum.

Feathery Fancy
We love the idea of constructing something for the skies on Earth Day. Whether solo or with your children, why not construct a birdhouse for your yard or the fire escape? Birds are an important part of every ecosystem, and a little birdfeeder will attract those fanciful flyers to the little ecosystem around your home. Build your birdfeeder out of recycled materials for a particularly earthy Earth Day activity.

Redux Recyclables
And speaking of recyclable materials—you recycle, right? If not, begin today. Bottles, batteries, even yogurt containers can be recycled. Every filled recycle bin is a small victory for the environment, and you can be the MVP.

Don’t let Earth Day pass you by without honoring it in a simple way. Commemorative Earth Day activities can be simple changes to your routine that become earth-altering habits.