Head Outdoors for Live Music… and a Picnic

It’s early yet, so we’re still crushing on spring. Of late we’ve been looking forward to graduation parties, a little golf and dining al fresco. And the continued warm weather, paired with blooming lilacs and ever-blue skies, has us excited for outdoor concerts.

Can’t you feel it already? Cool green grass between your toes, a squishy stadium blanket beneath you and a delightfully satisfying picnic in your belly? You know the last part is on top of our priority list. Add great live tunes and we’re in springtime heaven.

Outdoor concerts are important cultural events in every city. They offer local musicians the chance to perform for the community, and it’s an affordable way for you and your family to get a little culture.

The outdoorsy aspect of spring and summer concerts is perhaps what gives them mass appeal. A violinist playing in a folding chair on a grassy impromptu stage is distinctly more approachable than a string quartet in a concert hall. Both have their merits but outdoor concerts tend to be more light-hearted.

Check around town for an outdoor concert that appeals to you, and grab a few friends to revel in the music together. Before you head out, make sure you pack everything you need to stay comfortable. We took the liberty of putting a list together for you.

Picnic Blanket
Stay warm and protect your madras shorts from grass stains with a picnic blanket. Keep the music-lovers behind you happy: skip the folding chairs.

Skin Savers
We figure you won’t need an umbrella. But depending on the time of day and the month of your concert, you’d be wise to pack some kind of protection from the elements. Sunscreen and bug spray should do you—and maybe that umbrella if the forecast threatens a chance.

You didn’t think we’d forget, did you? Grab your favorite restaurant’s goodies to go. If the park and concert organizers allow it, buy a bottle of wine too. Don’t forget to grab a bottle-opener or that unopened vino will taunt you all evening.

After packing your blanket, bug spray and a few takeout treats you’ll be all set. Enjoy the weather and the music at the next available outdoor concert and you just may discover your new favorite springtime activity (or song).