This Spring, Put a Spring in Your Step and Get Outside

By the time spring hits, we’re itching to be outside—sans the long underwear and itchy wool. You’ve traded the sleds and ice scrapers for a pair of sandals—and perhaps an umbrella. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of any glorious outdoor activities, we have some ideas to get you out and about.

Dust off Your Helmet and Ride!
As if you needed an excuse to hop on your Schwinn, Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 18th. Leave for work a little early Friday, avoid morning rush hour traffic and get some exercise—all before your morning cup of joe. You may enjoy the brisk breeze, beautiful bike trails and cruisin’ so much you’ll want to extend the celebration into the following week.

Be a Pirate and Find Your Loot, Matey
Many of us dreamt of finding hidden treasure as kids—even if it was hidden by our parents in the backyard. But as it happens, your childhood dreams are about to come true. Geocaching is an outdoor national treasure hunt in which players search for hidden boxes, called geocaches using GPS devices. Simply go to, enter your zip code and using your GPS and provided clues, go on a real live treasure hunt.

Treasures vary since the person who found the geocache before you takes out their spoils and replaces it with something of equal or greater value. But no matter the awaiting treasure, it’s a unique activity that’s fun for a group or an individual. Go on, channel your inner Nicolas Cage and see what National Treasure you can find.

Yell Presto! and Be a Chef—Or Not
Volunteer to cook-out for your friends or family. Show ‘em that Martha Stewart’s got nothing on you and plan an evening of dinner and drinks—complete with a theme. Consult the website, Pinterest, for decor how-tos, a tasty new BBQ idea or springy cocktail recipe.

If you’re, say, not the next Iron Chef and can barely cook ramen, opt out of cooking for your guests and order a fancy feast from a restaurant. Anymore, most places are willing to do “take out”, even if their menu doesn’t specify. Try a variety of entrée items suitable for sharing so your guests can try some of each mouthwatering dish. Top it off with a fun outdoor game like bocce or horseshoes.

Whatever the outdoor activity of choice is, we challenge you to avoid your couch and go explore the great outdoors. Your TV shows can wait until winter. Even if it’s a simple stroll around the block, we know you’ll enjoy the springy scents and sights.