When Love is in the Springtime Air—3 Date Ideas

Got a pretty, young thing or a strapping lad looking for a night out on the town? Spring is breaking down your door, begging to take you two lovebirds out for a night of fun and folly. Hibernation mode is no longer an excuse to stay tucked in and hide—spring is in full swing.

Food, And Lots of It—Need We Say More?
Farmers’ Markets simply can’t go on all year long—though we wish they could. So take this lovely weather as an opportunity to stroll around with your dashing date’s arm in one hand and a tasty, fresh snack in the other. Fresh fruits, veggies and other ethnic specialties await your taste buds. Not only will the food be fresh and yummy, but also these markets are an ideal place for some prime people watching. So sit back, grab a snack, put your arm around your sweetie and observe spring in all its glory.

Channel Your Inner Kenny
Time to dust off your dancing shoes and study up Kenny Loggins in Footloose. Find a dance club or take a class with your honey. It’s not only a great way to burn a few calories, but it’s also a unique bonding experience to learn something new together. Be it tango or tap, find a class and see where it takes you. Although you may not be the next Gregory Hines, you’ll certainly be in for some laughs as you watch each other master the 8-count-basic or step-ball-change.

Grab Your Safari Hat, Sunscreen and a Camera
Take a trip down memory lane and hit up the zoo. Yes, the zoo. While smelly scents may come to mind when you think of bringing a date to a zoo, what’s cuter than a baby monkey? You got that right: nothing. Snap a few pics of each other while riding the train, grab a refreshing lemonade and enjoy the sights, sounds and simple joy found at the zoo. This date may sound childish, but we promise that it only takes a few minutes of staring at those baby monkeys for your inner-child to reveal itself.