Spice Up Your Summer With Extreme Sports

It’s summertime. The monotony of your typical summer workweek is starting to get to you. You spend the bulk of your time at work scratching at bug bites and your rosy sunburnt chest. Face it, you need an adventure—and no, playing your recorder for your dog or playing darts alone in your garage do not constitute as an adventure. I’m talking about a real adventure, an extreme adventure.

It’s time to try an extreme sport. Grab one of your dare-devilish buddies and try one of these extreme ideas to perk up your summer.

The Beatles are to British invasion rock bands as skydiving is to extreme sports. Skydiving is the most popular and most thought of extreme sport. Skydivers practice on land first, and then get flown into the air and make the leap of faith out of a plane. Now that’s an adventure.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane—no, it’s you, an aerial explorer. Unlike skydiving, paragliding is much more meditational. In fact, many paragliders don’t consider paragliding an extreme sport. “It’s something you can do, hopefully, until you’re old of age,” said Dion Vuk of iParaglide.

Hot Air Ballooning
A fear of heights is something that many extreme adventurers are forced to overcome. The feeling of being in a basket in the clouds, held by a colorful balloon can be both relaxing and energizing. The hot air balloon ride is the oldest, successful technology used to fly people and it continues to be a popular summertime sport.

Bungee Jumping
Bungee jumping is definitely not for the faint of heart. For most, the mere idea of flinging their body off of a large structure makes one’s stomach drop. However, compared to other extreme sports, bungee jumping has proven to many publications to be the safest of all extreme sports—besides, of course the danger associated with adrenaline addictions that some jumpers can acquire.

Whitewater Rafting
Raft down a mountain on a tube through unexpected waters this summer. Whitewater rafting is only available depending on the snowmelt from the tops of the mountains, but if the conditions are right, it’s an extreme workout that you won’t want to miss. As an added bonus, many whitewater rafting trips offer breaks half way down the streams. As an added bonus, you can take in optional cave explorations, cliff jumps and waterfall walks.

So, throw away your plans to watch Homeward Bound with your cat this weekend and go get your blood flowing with the help of an extreme sport.

Other extreme sports include mountain biking, windsurfing, hang gliding, ice climbing, BASE jumping, bodyboarding, cliff jumping, ice climbing and kite surfing.

If none of these extreme adventures trip your trigger, consult Extreme Sports for a larger list of adrenal-driven sports. But remember, when participating in extreme sports, one most have extreme safety measures. Don’t try this at home, kids. Seek assistance from professionals.