Cure Your Boredom—There’s No Better Time Than July

Good ol’ July. The prime time for family vacations, adventures, swimming, bike riding and—teddy bear picnics.

July is nationally recognized as Anti-boredom Month. And lucky for you, there are plenty of obscure, recognized days to go along with your attempt at an exciting July—such as National Teddy Bear Picnic Day.

Just because it’s no longer the nationally recognized day to blow up your sister’s Barbie Doll, sport your patriotic garb and celebrate our nation’s independence doesn’t mean the fun should end.

If you’re tired of hearing the familiar whine from your children associated with being out of school too long—”I’m so booooored and have nothing to dooooo”—or if you simply need inspiration to spice up your July and keep your eyes from glazing over and the ants out of your pants, consult the complete list of nationally recognized boredom killers.

1: International Joke Day
2: World UFO Day
3: Compliment Your Mirror Day, Disobedience Day & Stay out of the Sun Day
4: Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
5: Work-a-holics Day
6: National Fried Chicken Day
7: National Strawberry Sundae Day
8: Video Games Day
9: National Sugar Cookie Day
10: Teddy Bear Picnic Day
11: Cheer up the Lonely Day
12: Pecan Pie Day
13: Embrace Your Geekness Day
14: National Nude Day
15: Cow Appreciation Day
17: Peach Ice Cream Day
18: National Caviar Day
19: National Raspberry Cake Day
20: Ugly Truck Day
21: National Junk Food Day
22: Hammock Day
23: National Hot Dog Day
24: Cousins Day
25: Culinarians Day
26: All or Nothing Day
27: Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
28: National Milk Chocolate Day
29: National Lasagna Day
30: National Cheesecake Day
31: Mutt's Day

Anti-boredom month, partnering with National Blueberry Month, Hot Dog Month, Ice Cream Month and Cell Phone Courtesy Month, could be a great excuse for you to go on an adventure or simply stuff your face. What’s a better excuse to gorge yourself with raspberry cake or peach ice cream than the fact that a nation is practically endorsing it?

There’s no better time to cure boredom than July—the nation insists.