Enjoying the Olympics from Across the Atlantic

The Olympics have all of Britain bustling with excitement. And just because they’re over 3,000 miles away from our lovely home here in the States doesn’t me we aren’t embracing the bloody brilliant British culture. If you’re struggling to channel your inner Queen E., we’ve got a few things to get you into the British mindset. So go on govena’ take a look.

Scurry On Down to The Pub
There’s nothing more quintessentially British than fish and chips. And, as if you needed an excuse to go out to eat, we’re giving you one more—what better place to start embracing British culture than their food?

Seek out a local joint that offers fish and chips—and feel free to talk in British accents for the duration of the meal. If necessary, search for a recipe online and make a British feast for you and your friends. Invite them over, crank “God Save the Queen,” and you won’t even notice that you’re still in the U.S.

Play Ball! (Or Something Like That)
If you’re feeling a little large-and-in-charge after downing a meal of fish and chips, it’s time to work it off. It’s time to play cricket. Now, let us clarify, we know that cricket is not an Olympic event. But cricket can be traced back as far as the Tudor era of the 16th century. So, if you’re looking for a time-honored British tradition, read on. (If you want to play an Olympic sport, by all means, start your triathlon training.)

Cricket is similar to American baseball. It’s a ball and bat sport but with slightly different rules and equipment. But rather than us trying our hand at explaining a foreign sport, check out for the scoop on game structure and official rules.

A Fantastic Last Resort—Be Proud, Be American
The collective American Olympic team has won more gold medals at the summer Olympic games than any other country. (If that doesn’t kick start your American pride and eagerness to watch the games, we don’t know what will.) But wait, we have more. 2,298 gold medals have been won in total, including both the winter and summer games. So if fish, chips and cricket don’t do it for you, grab an American flag, flip on the television, kick back and let out a loud cheer for U-S-A! U-S-A!