Fill Your Pic-a-nic Basket for a Fun-Filled August

Yogi the Bear has been after friendly park-goers’ pic-a-nic baskets for years. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying a friendly gathering with your friends. After all, August is National Picnic Month, and rightfully so. After the scorching hot days of July, August offers the last glimpse of summer before the cooler weather hits. So get creative and see where your picnic will take you—maybe a new place you’ve never been, one of your regular spots or your own backyard.

Origins of the Picnic
The earliest picnic-like gatherings date back to the medieval days of hunting and gathering. It was customary for a feast to take place outdoors before the hunting began, complete with different types of meats and potatoes. They may have done picnics without a blanket on the ground in the park, but those medieval hunters sure knew how to throw a picnic party. Since then, picnics have come to take on a variety of meanings to individuals in different countries. From barbeques to customary celebrations, picnics have been a staple of worldly culture.

Make Your Picnic Thematic
Hosting your own picnic doesn’t have to be drab. While the traditional route is always a safe way to go, you can spice up your picnic by adding a theme to make your picnic memorable. That’s right, themes aren’t just for proms or birthdays anymore. From fiestas to costume parties and favorite movie character reenactments, the sky's the limit. It’s time to let your creativity shine. And to ensure the theme goes according to plan, offer up prizes to those who follow the dress code and theme. There’s nothing wrong with a little persuasion to get everybody in the picnic spirit.

Pass the *insert your favorite here*!
Whether it’s a homemade specialty or take-out that you love, you can’t go wrong with any type of picnic meal. It’s all in your hands, so you be the judge. The great thing about a picnic is that there are no guidelines. Large groups work best when everybody brings something to the gathering. The foods don’t have to go together, and often the most fun happens at picnics that involve a taste of everybody’s favorites. Potluck-style picnics are sure to please the safest of crowds. If you’ve got some daredevils among the group, a trip around the world is just the trick. Have everyone bring something new from different countries so that they’ll get to experience the exciting tastes of worldly foods.