Summer’s Not Over—There’s Still Time

Don’t pull out your boots, scarves and jackets yet, folks. Summer may be slipping through our fingers, but it’s not gone yet. And as long as the popsicles hold out, we’re going to continue checking things off our summer to-do lists.

While we realize that work is the last thing you’d like to be doing on this Labor Day, we’ve got a few suggestions that, we promise, will be worth your while to go do before the snow starts blowin’.

Is Your Garage Ready for Its Close-up?
If your garage looks like an obstacle course fit for Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt, it’s time to do away with your pack-ratting ways. That do-dad that you picked up for a $1.50 at a garage sale that you never used? Yeah, that can go.

Box up as many useable things that aren’t being used by you—and, be honest—and donate them to charity. Often times, people don’t think about giving away snow shovels or other home-care essentials.

Go For One Last Dip with a Paperback or a Buddy
Your time poolside is dwindling. Chances are, before the leaves explode into color you’ll have one more perfectly sunny day. Take advantage of it, grab your towel and shades and hit the pool.

Grab a good read (we recommend Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot or The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls) or a buddy and soak up a few more summer rays. Oh, and don’t forget the snacks.

Eat Out (Literally)
Whether it’s on your deck or at a favorite restaurant, when the weather turns chilly, for most places eating outside becomes tricky. Go out one last time before the autumnal crisp air sets in. Order appetizers and a dessert—really soak up your time eating delicious food while people watching and getting some fresh air. It’s a combo we promise you’ll miss during February.