October Creativities—How to Celebrate National Arts & Humanities Month

Like a dash of salt in a bowl of soup, the arts add flavor to our lives. It’s important to support the arts because when peppered with books, music and other cultural activities the world is more interesting. October is National Arts & Humanities Month. Spice up your life by cultivating the arts in your community. Here are our ideas for doing just that.

Art History
The history of this month’s arts focus is short but rich. National Arts & Humanities month was established in 1993, and it’s been celebrated in October by arts-aware Americans ever since. It’s important to participate in this month’s festivities because the arts encourage cross-cultural dialogue, enrich students’ educational experiences and inspire the innovative ideas that make our country great.

Understanding why the arts and humanities are important is an integral part of promoting them. Consider how literature, film and music enrich your life. Perhaps going to the theatre is a special ritual you and your family cherish. Or maybe music helps you think creatively at work.

Reflect on your relationship with the arts to pinpoint its relevance in your life.

Sharing Shakespeare
After thinking critically about how the arts and humanities improve your life, find a related cultural program you care about. Then set out to support it. Your celebration of National Arts & Humanities Month will be particularly rewarding when you pass on your arts appreciation to younger generations.

For example, if Shakespeare’s sonnets move you, attend productions of the Bard’s works in your area. Students find Shakespeare so dense—is your local high school looking for English tutors? Watch film adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays with your friends, or write a play of your own.

Start small by selecting a cultural activity you enjoy, and then expand it.

Cultivating Culture
Everyone’s life is enriched by art, albeit in diverse and varying ways. In addition to deepening your own engagement with the cultural experience you most enjoy, help others recognize their own.

According to Americans for the Arts, spreading awareness about this month’s festivities is as important as participating in them. So share your excitement about the arts. Ask a local coffeehouse to host a poetry reading. Bring a friend to an art show. Plan a talent show or band performance. The key is promoting the arts to the public.

We hope you find momentum in October’s observance of the arts and humanities. Let this month inspire you to pass along the joy that art brings.