How to Make Your Next Tailgate a Touchdown

It’s the most wonderful time of year. No, it’s not quite the holiday season and yes, that’s wonderful too. Instead, it’s the time when over half of the week (or more) is dedicated to football. And what better way to celebrate than to throw your very own tailgate party? You’ll bring together great food and great friends to have a great time. And if you aren’t interested in football there’s no need to worry. Even without football knowledge you should be able to score a touchdown with your next tailgate party. These tips will help you eliminate the rushing and tackle your biggest obstacles for the win.

Bring Out the Stadium
The party doesn’t start until your guests walk in. And to make your party worthwhile, the key is to make sure the tone is set from the minute your guests arrive. Since you aren’t inside the stadium, it’s time to bring the stadium to you. Decorate your tailgate with team colors to bring out the spirit and pride that you’d normally find inside the stadium. Don’t forget the yard games to keep everybody occupied while you’re waiting for the game coverage to start.

Refreshments without the Hustle
Food is what adds the spice and life to your tailgate party. Great food means that the guests will continue to steadily pour in. So give your guests what they really want to eat. Have traditional game day snacks or go all out with an entire meal. And to eliminate the stress on yourself, cater in food from your favorite restaurant. You’ll have time to focus on making other aspects of your party shine while somebody else handles the good eats.

Don’t Miss the Kickoff
And now, it’s time for the main event. It’s the spectacle that everyone has been waiting for. So how will you watch it? For many guests, it doesn’t matter if the game is blasting from a radio or displayed on a big screen television you managed to hook up near the party. Although the game is the main event, your guests came for the party, and they’ll stay no matter how you decide to listen or watch the game. Just sit back and let the good times continue to roll.

Remember—practice makes perfect both in football and life. And that’s a good enough reason to keep throwing tailgate parties until you’ve reached the ultimate tailgate perfection.