Hosting a Night of Election Entertainment

It’s the land of the free, which means the fate of the country is in the voters’ hands. And whether you’re into politics or not, the election is a great reason to invite your fellow Americans over for a night of socializing while waiting for election results on November 6.

Worried about inviting friends with differing views to the same results party? Not a problem. Instead of causing a war among your debating friends, bring together the elephants and donkeys and turn them all into party animals. So go ahead, celebrate your freedom to vote. Here are some ideas for an election-themed party that will have your guests voting for another bash.

A Picture-Perfect Election
Photo booths can be costly to rent for a big bash. Instead, hand-make your own booth for the occasion. Take a curtain down from a room you aren’t using or extra fabric you have lying around and put it up in a doorway. Pin a sign that says “Voting Booth” on the fabric and take turns doing fun poses peeking out of the booth or around it. Not only do you save on the cost, but your friends will get into the election spirit and have a blast making memories they can take home.

Go to the Polls
Planning a party can be stressful with so many decisions and details to figure out. But the beauty of an election party is that you can use the theme to make your guests decide. Send out your own poll. Go all out by making up a mock ballot to send via email to friends with their dining options and list of possible activities. They’ll have fun weighing in and you won’t have to decide a single detail.

Words to Live By
All candidates have a slogan and your party should, too. It’s the reason they want you to vote for them, and it’s boiled down to a simple statement. Your guests will have a blast coming up with different slogan ideas for the party, their life or anything in general. Pick a category and have each person write down what first comes to mind. Then, put them all together and try to guess who wrote which slogan. Prizes aren’t necessary, but are encouraged by the guests.

Show Your True Colors
Not everybody will be comfortable voicing their opinions on the election, but you don’t have to completely forgo picking a side. Leave stickers for all of the candidates so guests can put them around their drinks or wear the stickers on their clothing. Explain to guests that it is optional to pick sides, but that if they would like to support a candidate they can. If your guests do decide that they want to pick sides, it makes for an easy way to decide teams to play games.