How to Stay Healthy in the New Year

The New Year brings resolutions filled with guilt, pressure and maybe some fear. Ah, isn’t that what the post-holidays are all about?

These resolutions tend to be made about being healthier in the New Year, but are often abandoned by the end of January. Maybe they were too lofty or unobtainable so you didn’t leave yourself much of a success rate. Let that change.

Here’s how you can stay healthy in the New Year.

Set Goals
These are different than your broad resolution of “working out” or “eating less fast food,” albeit very important parts to staying healthy. But be a little easier on yourself. Depending on what you want to obtain and who you are, maybe you could start with a goal of, “I want to lose ten pounds.” How obtainable is that? Very.

Once you achieve your goal, it’s easy to set another obtainable goal. If you’re weight conscious or just want to make sure you don’t gain more, buy a scale. Don’t let it play Jedi mind tricks with you though—weigh yourself about once a week. Using it every day isn’t healthy for you, or your mind.

Think Healthier
Easier said than done, right? But it’s actually pretty simple to employ healthier thinking with your normal dining habits.

When eating at home, just try to sub in more whole grains with certain meals. Cut back on your red meat intake and give leaner meats like chicken a shot. When you dine out, try to stay away from fried foods. Sub a salad with dressing on the side instead of fries. Portions at restaurants can be rather large, so ditch the “finish my plate” mentality if you’re getting full and have a future snack or meal from your leftovers.

Skip the Pricey Gym Membership
Getting thinner might be a good goal, but having your wallet lose the most weight isn’t enjoyable. You don’t always need to spend a lot of money to stay healthy. Try skipping the gym that could cost you around $80 a month to use.

Instead, look elsewhere to get some exercise. Going outside for a walk, jog or bike ride is a great option, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Many people don’t realize you can get a great workout just by staying in your home. Search your smartphone’s app store for programs that can help you with your goals. These could be calorie counters or apps that are basically a trainer that fits in your pocket. Apps like Nike Training Club can be a huge help. It may seem like it’s geared towards women (because it is), but it has many exercises that would be beneficial for anyone.

A healthier you is just around the corner. Keep these things in mind this year, and you’ll see that person before you know it.