A Super Party for Your Biggest Fans

The Super Bowl consistently pulls in the highest number of television viewers, and they’re not all there for the football. It’s probably a combination of the biggest football game of the year and the most highly anticipated advertisements and halftime show of the year.

With all your friends tuning in, it’d be silly not to get them together for a good time. Whether you’re a football fanatic or less than impressed with the sport, there are plenty of ways to enjoy game day your way. Here are some creative ways to throw the party of the year that coincides with the game of the year.

Advertisement Attraction
If some of your guests think that the 49ers are the oldest players in the league and that the Ravens are based off of an Edgar Allan Poe poem, they probably aren’t there for the game. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy watching. That’s because Super Bowl advertisements are some of the most highly anticipated commercials of the year.

At a whopping $4 million for a 30 second ad space, advertisers have to find a way to stand out. Cue the entertaining commercials that result from advertisers vying for our attention and approval. Plus, you can make commercial watching an interactive experience. Have your friends rank the commercials and vote on their favorite at the end.

From ‘Touchdown!’ to ‘Bingo!’
While watching the game is great, you can always make more games out of the original game. A little ‘football bingo’, anyone? Make your own cards or search online for pre-made bingo cards. Make sure you’ve included spaces to mark off when each team fumbles, scores or is penalized. Prizes are a great way to get the football lovers (and haters) even more involved in the game.

Or, take a bet on the final score. You can guess for bragging rights, a prize or the pot full of money. Charge whatever you’d like to enter the competition. We guarantee there will be more cheering, yelling and stomping at the outcome of the game.

Make It About Refreshments
Each region has something they’re known for. And often that can involve a type of food or drink that the natives enjoy. If you go to Chicago, try a slice of deep dish pizza. In New Orleans, it’s all about the gumbo or jambalaya. This year, make the food and drink all about the two teams that made it to the championship. You can make it yourself, or order up from your favorite local hotspot.

For San Francisco, try the native dish cioppino. Since the city is right by the sea, it was tradition to take all of the leftover catch of the day (shrimp, mussels, clams, fish, etc.) and mix it with herbs, tomatoes and wine. For drinks try a Martini, which has roots in the area. Or for a nonalcoholic beverage, put out an Irish coffee drink.

For Baltimore’s cuisine, try some delicious crab cakes. Another seafood alternative is the famed ‘Lake Trout.’ Plus, search online and try to mimic one of the many delicious desserts that got their start in Maryland’s beloved city. Whether cooking it up yourself or getting carry-out, your guests will love the little touches to your Super Bowl Party.