How to Boost Your Self-Esteem: 3 Ways to Feel Better Now

What better month is there than February to put an effort into picking up your spirits? Since it’s International Boost Your Self-Esteem Month, beat the winter bitterness and start making yourself feel better.

Here’s how.

1. Simply Smile
Now this seems pretty easy, doesn’t it? There’s a little more to it than just smiling—anyone can throw on a fake smile. It’s about putting yourself into situations that will make you react with real joy.

Not sure how to get yourself into these situations? Try going to some sort of comedy show. And it doesn’t have to be the best stand up or improvised comedy acts. The experience is bound to make you crack up—at least a little. If live comedy isn’t your thing, head to a movie theater and watch one of the latest funny movies on the big screen. Or you could even stay in with a rented movie. There are seemingly endless ways to get movies on your television—or computer—these days.

2. Get in Shape
Or at least try. There’s not much easier than being a couch potato, and some days just call for an all-day session of it. But putting in a little effort to get healthier will make your mind and body feel better. There’s no need to overdo it here. If you put in 30 minutes of exercise three times a week, you’ll strengthen your muscles and burn calories. When you get into a rhythm, you’ll start to notice a difference and will feel empowered as a result.

3. Surround Yourself
When it’s cold outside, we tend to stay in, and as a result, cut ourselves out from the world. Or it’s just easy to get in the rut of becoming a homebody. When you’re feeling down, it makes it even easier to stay home—but fight against it. Surround yourself with friends, and it definitely helps if they are positive. Simply hanging out (maybe having a couple drinks) with a group of good friends can be just what the doctor ordered. Jokes will be told, laughs will be had and you’ll be in a good mood before you know it.

Don’t let February keep you pinned to the couch. Instead, take the International Boost Your Self-Esteem Month bull by the horns to truly do yourself a solid. You’ll thank yourself later.