April Brings Showers of Pranks

If you woke up this morning feeling more on-edge than normal, you’re not alone. And if you’re oblivious as to why you should be feeling more on edge, you might want to check the calendar. That’s right—the first day of April is upon us. And you know what that means—a practical joker’s paradise.

So just how did this joking holiday come about? We’ve got the answers, along with ways for you and your friends to get in on the April Fool’s Day action. Use this information to become the prankster instead of the fool this year.

A Calendar Mishap
Years ago, a change in the calendar year and slow word-of-mouth travel attributed to our modern April Fool’s Day pranks.

The modern-day Gregorian calendar was first adopted in 1582. Until that date, the first of the year was celebrated on April 1. However, word traveled slowly during the time period, and even years after the calendar change to January 1 people were still celebrating the New Year on April 1.

From then on, people who didn’t know of the change in calendar date and celebration were called “fools” and practical jokes were played on them. Over the years, the jokes never ceased and to this day are still played on the first of April.

Today’s Laughs
Although the jokes were mean-spirited back in 1582, the day has taken a much more lighthearted meaning. That makes this the perfect opportunity for your friends to get together and get in on the action.

And today’s jokes can require little effort on your part. It could be as easy as gluing a penny to the floor and watching as your friends or coworkers try to pick it up. Or, it could involve pulling a switch with like ingredients—think switching the sugar and salt or replacing the ketchup with hot sauce. Whatever you do, make sure you’ve got a camera ready to capture the unsuspecting fool’s reaction.

Pick your Own Date
If you decide that the time has passed to get a group together for some fun, simply change the date. Now that you know the day originated from a calendar switch-up, you can do the same to your friends. They’ll be unsuspecting to your new jokes.

Invite your friends over for an April Fool’s party to celebrate the first of the month and the coming of warmer weather. While you don’t have to pull huge pranks at the party, you can plan for some occasional and unexpected gags as the party-thrower.

Get out there, and happy fooling.