See Your Friends and Neighbors in a Different Light—Community Theater

Sometimes the same old regular programming on your TV just doesn’t cut it. Getting out of your house and seeing a production live has a different vibe to it. So instead of watching reruns at home, why not give the community theater a try?

If you head to your local community theater, you’re bound to experience something new while having a taste of familiarity. Recognize someone in that show? Oh, that’s the guy who recently helped you with your mortgage. Depending on the size of your community, there’s a good chance you’ll find a production that’s sprinkled with familiar faces. That can make it all the more enjoyable.

But what show should you see? Take a look at the theater’s schedule of productions. You’ll likely see something that fits the tastes of a seasoned theatergoer and newcomers. Anything from big name plays and musicals like “Death of a Salesman” to “Grease.” Don’t shy away from productions you may not know as well either. Community theaters offer an opportunity for actors and directors to explore unique works with lower production budgets that may even be written by local playwrights.

A big bonus for visiting your community theater is the experience to see live plays and musicals without dipping into your rainy day fund. Of course their production value may not be as high, but this is a group of artists volunteering much of their free time to bring you something truly special. That should definitely count for something.

If you REALLY want to try something new, dust off your acting chops and head to the next audition your community theater is holding. Could be your name that’s up in lights next. Not up your alley? Give some acting classes a try that could open you up to a whole new world

Regardless of whether you’re in the audience or on stage, your community theater has a lot in store for you. Stop changing the channels and start trying something new.