It’s Springtime–Time to Play Like a Kid Again

Everyone enjoys a little ‘retro’ activity every once in awhile. And no, we’re not talking about busting out the old G.I. Joe or Barbie collections from the attic. Nor should the “ThighMaster” be making an appearance. Rather, look to your days of recess for a little revitalization of old time favorites. Not only will you experience a little nostalgia, but you’ll find yourself having a lot of fun and staying active–and at the very least, getting out of the house.

Four Square
No, you won’t be chasing down locations to become a mayor. Rather you’ll be aiming to become king or queen of the court. All you need is at least four players, four partitioned squares on pavement and one bouncing, rubber ball to let the game begin. It’s quite simple: don’t let the ball bounce twice in your square, and avoid being the last square bounced in before the ball goes out of bounds. Knock your opponents out one by one and take your place atop the four square throne.

Looking for an all-out battle royale with some friends? Split your group into two teams, find a dividing line and then watch out. Simply throw the assorted balls at your opponents for eliminations. The team with members still left standing wins. Quick thinking and a good arm is your ally in the effort to eliminate all members of the opposing team. Dodgeball is a surefire, sweat-inducing good time to remain active and youthful in the process.

Soccer Baseball
Who could forget the schoolyard staple, soccer baseball (sometimes called “kickball”)? If you understand the rules of baseball, then you’re halfway home with this favorite. Well, not really halfway home. You’ve still got to run the bases. Instead of a ball and bat, you’re using a soccer ball and your legs. Between kicking for the fences and running down fly balls, this old time favorite is sure to keep all players moving and enjoying the spring weather.

If you need to cool off after these off-the-hook, springtime sports, take the team out afterwards for a little socializing. Losers’ treat, of course—a perfect way to raise the stakes.