Special Gifts for that Special Mom

This coming Sunday is the day to celebrate that special lady in your life: your mom. Mother’s Day is a celebration to honor those who raised and nurtured you—and so much more. It’s the holiday that celebrates everything that is motherhood.

It all began with a woman named Anna Jarvis in 1907. Jarvis held a memorial for her mother whom had died two years prior. From then on, it became her mission to have this holiday officially recognized. In 1914, she did just that, making Mother’s Day a national holiday to celebrate these special women of our lives.

As Mother’s Day approaches, you’ll be looking for ways to show your mother your love. For some, the traditional route is timeless. Others may want to look outside the box in their celebrating.

Flower Power
Flowers are the mainstay of Mother’s Day. Bouquets will certainly be flying off the shelf for the next week so make sure to order today. Traditionally, red carnations were the flowers that celebrated Mother’s Day.

If you’re looking for different twist on tradition, bring your mother to the flowers. Plan a picnic in a botanical garden. Pack some munchies or, if you’re a cook, a great meal for your mother. Surround yourself with great color and vitality in celebration of motherhood.

Handmade Gifts are Always Heartfelt
Time to upgrade from the macaroni and glue projects of your youth. Show your mother some extra thoughtfulness by making a special something for her. It could be refurbishing an old window into a picture frame or coasters made from tree limbs. If you’re stuck for ideas, there are plenty of websites showcasing easy DIY projects.

A Timely Classic
Celebrate Mother’s Day with even more tradition by serving breakfast in bed. Let your mother sleep in on Sunday. When she wakes up, surprise her with her breakfast favorites. Make the platter grand and delicious for a memorable Mother’s Day morning.

Go Back to Class With Your Mother
Is your mother interested in picking up a new hobby, or even learning more on a favorite subject? Why not join her? Join your mother in a class, develop a stronger bond and learn together. Plus, this will go beyond just one day. A course or club will ensure an activity that is special to just you two.