Get Outside and Get Into the Best Backyard Games

After muddling through the annual showers of April, the May flowers are in full bloom. As temperatures rise, you should be yearning to be out in the sun. What better way to enjoy a barbecue or fun afternoon with friends than with some yard games? Yard games are both a great way to relax with friends and test one another’s competitive edge. These games can provide hours of entertainment for any kind of get together.

Plus, the best part of these games: you can build them all yourself. So hop on this great opportunity for a fun, rewarding DIY project.

Test Your Accuracy With Bags
Bags is great lawn game, testing accuracy of players. In teams of two, opposing players attempt to toss beanbags onto an inclined platform with a hole in the far end. Scoring dictates that a beanbag tossed into the hole scores 3 points, while bags staying on the board receives 1 point. However, points may be canceled out depending on the tosses of the other player. Play continues until a team reaches 21 points.

Making your own bags game may require some work, but it surely pays off. A platform is made by 2-foot by 4-foot plywood with a surrounding frame and retracting legs. As for the beanbags, you can make those yourself with various cloths or simply purchase them from craft stores.

Watch Your Score Climb With Ladder Toss
In form and function, ladder toss resembles bags in reaching 21 points and how players toss. The difference? Everything else. Ladder toss’s unique play comes in the materials. Ladder toss uses bolas, which are two golf balls connected by rope. Bolas are thrown at a three rung configuration. Each rung is then scaled by descending point value, from the top to bottom. And, much like bags, your opponents can cancel out the points.

Ladder toss is a fairly simple process to make on your own. Made of various PVC components, the ladder is fairly easy to assemble. For the bolas, simply drill a hole into golf balls and insert some thick, durable rope.

A Quick Hand, and Thinking, is a Must for Frisbeener
It’s called many names: Beersbee in Canada, French darts in Virginia and Polish horseshoes pretty much everywhere else. Frisbeener (a less ethnic Midwest name) is one of the more simple games to construct, but it’s one of the most intense. The object of the game is to knock off a glass bottle from the top of a PVC pipe stand with a frisbee. Hitting the bottle directly results in 2 points and 1 point for hitting the stand. But, players can reduce or eliminate points by catching the frisbee or bottle before hitting the ground. Another catch to the game is each player must be holding a beverage, leaving only one hand free to function. Play continues until one team reaches 21.

Building frisbeener is fairly simple. Get some thicker PVC pipe and either plant it in the ground or in a bucket of sand for a sturdy stand. Grab two glass bottles (wrap them in duct tape to prevent trouble from possible breaks) and one frisbee and you’re ready to play.