Time for Some D-I-Y Gifts for D-A-D This Father’s Day

You know all about the sentimental value of a homemade present. The glued macaroni and paper masterpiece or the crystal snowflake ornament that still finds its way on the annual Christmas tree. That special quality of a DIY project adds sentiment to usability. This Father’s Day, look for ways to treat your father to an awesome gift that is one of a kind.

Knot Your Father’s Typical Tie
Ah, the tie. A staple in the Father’s Day present repertoire. It’s the go-to gift that remains pertinent through usability and value. If you’ve ran the gamut of basic colors, stripes and skipped out on the music playing ones (hopefully), then get in there and make your own. Find a cool fabric pattern of your father’s favorite sports team or activity or just a cool design and create a one of a kind tie.

Have a cool, trendy father? No problem. You can find similar directions for making bow ties from your found fabrics online, as well.

Tools for BBQ Success
Is your father a big grill fanatic? Well, this may be perfect for your grill master. By modifying an old tool or regular belt, you can easily create a BBQ tool belt ready for the backyard. Using some denim fabric, scrap leather, a few tool holders and some sewing, you can make a utility belt that caters to every grilling need. Make a belt that holds some tongs, spatula and even a beer. You can easily modify and design a BBQ belt tailored to your big man.

Leather Bound for Great Gift Ideas
Speaking of leather, you can make your father a great man accessory for almost anything. How about a leather iPad cover or a mouse pad? Or maybe it’s time for dad to get a new wallet. With a little elbow grease and ingenuity, you can make your father a useful, and durable, gift he can appreciate.

A Drink for Dad
Everyone seems to have a favorite cup or glass. For your father, you can actually create personalized drinking ware for any situation. Let’s start with his morning coffee. With a blank porcelain coffee cup, a sharpie and some special porcelain gel and pen, you can start his day off right with his own personalized coffee cup. Simply draw a design with the sharpie, cover it in the gel and bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 300 degrees.

For later in the day, serve up special personalized beer glasses. All you need is some contact paper, glass etching cream and some simple designs. Simply cut out the chosen image from the contact paper and apply it to the glass. Add the etching cream and let it stand for 5 minutes. Then, remove the contact paper and wash the glass and there you have it. You’ve got your father his own customized glasses to enjoy any beverage.

There really is no end to what you can create for the special guy. These DIY gifts are only a small inkling to help show how awesome your father is. Regardless of the gift this coming Father’s Day, let the big guy know what he means to you and give him some love. Help make this Father’s Day the best one yet.